The Loft


Info for Guests Staying in The Loft


General info to help you orient yourself.


Light switches:

The closest switch to the door is for your porch, but also lights the pathway

to the parking lot.  The middle switch illuminates your snack area. The closest switch to the bathroom is the main bathroom light.  The switch on the porch operates the ‘fairy lights’ down your stairs and around the hot tub area.  There is another switch on the fence between the deck chairs that operates the same lights.  We ask you to kindly turn off any outdoor lighting before retiring for the night, as we live in a rural setting.



Please use the fan when showering; the switch is located near the toilet in

the centre.  The switch to the right of it lights the toilet area only.  Water is perfectly safe to drink from tap.  Kindly hang wet towels on hooks, and not on any of the furniture.


Snack Area:

            There should be for your convenience:

            Microwave       Kettle               Corkscrew       Coffee Maker

            Toaster Oven   Teapot             Extra cups        Coffee filters

            Teas                 Cutlery             Small plates      Coffee

            Bread Board    Cutting Board   Bread Knife     



The basket on the floor in the snack area is for recyclables (water/wine/juice bottles, corks, styrofoam trays, milk cartons, cans, papers, tin, plastic containers/bags).  We recycle as much as possible.  Kindly use the basket instead of the main garbage/recycle area outside, as we have an elaborate sorting system, and many people (trying to be helpful) will often put garbage where it does not belong.


There is also a garbage receptacle in the bathroom and beside the recycle basket.  If for some reason you require us to empty it or require another container, just ask.  We are always pleased to assist.



Controls for the fireplace are on a panel inside the fireplace doors.  You may choose flame only; if you wish heat, there is a heat button.  This is the most efficient way to heat the space if you need more warmth.  The thermostat on the wall controls the in-floor heating.  Please do not adjust this unit, as any changes made takes more than a day to adjust the thermal mass of the floor, and will not affect the desired ambient room temperature.  A fan is located in the closet near the fridge should you need a breeze!


Fridge:            The refrigerator is located in the cupboard to the left of the French doors.  There is an ice tray full for your convenience. (If you run out of ice, we have lots at the house; just ask).  There is also have butter and cream there to compliment your breakfast.



Breakfast is brought to your room.  When you are finished, we ask that you leave the basket and any dirty dishes, outside your room, where we will collect it later.


Bed lighting is provided for the queen size bed.  There is a dimmer switch attached to each side, to adjust to your own preferences.  A slide-out tray is provided beside each side of the bed.


A key to the room is provided and is located on one of the black shelving units.  It is provided for your comfort; many people on Salt Spring do not lock their doors, so if you are on island time, feel free to leave it unlocked; your possessions are perfectly safe.  If that goes beyond your comfort zone, by all means, use it! 😋


Pets & Other animals

We ask that you please close the gate behind you when you come and go, as we have a puppy who would find this appealing!  We also have a neighbour’s dog (a bulldog named “Mack”) who will wander in and slobber on our porch until he gets a biscuit. Our other concern is not so much to keep anything in, but the deer out!  Very cute creatures but only outside the gate.  Considered vermin when inside the gate, they will eat just about everything they can reach.  The word “cute” loses its appeal when this happens.


Our ‘marmalade’ cat Marco is a very curious boy.  He will quite often try to get into your room, and will also jump into your car if you leave a window open wide enough, or even your sunroof.  It seems to provide a challenge to him….


Wi-Fi:  The WiFi code will be provided upon arrival


Hot Tub

There are towels in one of the bottom drawers beside the bed for hot tub use, as well as use for at the lake.  Please use these instead of the bathroom towels. The button beside the temperature gauge will operate pump,  jets, and off switch.


Smoking.  This is a non-smoking room.  If you need an ashtray to smoke outside, please ask.  Guests smoking in the room will be charged a cleaning fee of $500.00


Unless otherwise confirmed, payment in full is due upon arrival.  Please make arrangements with your host.


Cupboards in seating area:  these are for housekeeping only.


We truly hope you enjoy your stay.  If there are any issues or concerns, kindly let us know.  We want you to enjoy your visit as much as possible. 


Sue and Chris